To keep your memories privately forever

MemoryORG is a private channel service while socially interactive supported by blockchain dedicated to manage your favoriate memories as rich-media treasures. Enabling you to create digital assets directly from cameras for precious memories, accessing and sharing with your own control, forever!

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Start MemoryORG has everything you need to privately manage your memories in decentralized networks forever, and mint your own NFTs from the digital assets that you can view, share, and present to anyone, at anywhere on your own control. Register MemoryORG with 10G free storage, free to mint NFTs, and explorative to win rewards thanks to SocialFi! No strings attached!

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Social to Earn

MemoryORG is socialFi, and therefore social interactives keep you earning cryptos!

Free to Mint

Free to mint NFTs directly from cameras. No lost of lovely memories!

On Your Control

All memories are own by yourself supported by blockchain, kept forever!

Made with Love

We design MemoryORG to keep memories for the love and loved ones.

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